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Originally Posted by Carl Froehlich View Post
Don't forget the EFII crank sensor is itself a moving part.
The crank sensor is very firmly bolted to the engine case. I can assure you it doesn't move.

Only the magnets embedded in the flywheel move and they can't go anywhere nor is there anything to go wrong with them since they just sit there. No bearings, no rubbing or meshing parts like mags which is why no inspections are required.

Obviously many people see value in EFI or we wouldn't be in business. If your personal preference is mags and a servo with a bunch of moving and wearing parts, that's fine. I always say use what you're comfortable with. Many people do not have the same experience as you with their Bendix style injection and are looking for something to fix their issues.

The topic though is electrical system layouts for EFI, not EFI vs legacy controls.

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