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Default A different kind of fraud

I bought an Icebox from Phillip Angert when they first came out. When I bought my RV with an engine pre-heat system I also purchase his Switchbox. I have had problems with the unit and within a couple of months I was unable to access it via text message or phone call. I notified him of that a couple of months after it arrived. I could still use his android app but I found that it was unreliable and didn't always work.

Fast forward to now and the app stopped working. When I inquired I was told there was a bug that they were working on it. There has been a lot of back and forth contact and he initially said that he would repair it at no charge, but now he says that there would be a min charge of $100 (plus shipping both ways) and that they have repaired others with new circuit boards and firmware for $100. Today the price jumped to $150 for new circuit boards but I could upgrade for $200!

These are cheap Chinese devices:

There was another issue with a supposedly "Free photo shoot" that suddenly caused a $200 fee to be generated.

Van's owners should be aware of these practices and use caution dealing with Phillip for anything.

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