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Default how are they wired?

I've tried the SOra's and 2 other MR16 LED's with the wires twisted all the way thru the wing, but not shielded. I've grounded at the main ground and locally in the tip, put noise magnets on and the interference is just never acceptable.

Do you have shielded wiring?

Originally Posted by kaweeka View Post
I just replaced the 75W halogen wingtip landing/taxi lights on my -9A with the following. No noise, $22.59 for the pair on Amazon. They seem bright as the halogen without the excessive heat or power draw.

Soraa 00957 - 9 Watt - LED - MR16 - 75 Watt Equal - 3260 Candlepower - 3000 Kelvin - 80 Color Rendering - 25 Deg. Narrow Flood

Just in case anyone is interested.....
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