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Thumbs up Years of RV Enjoyment (Proof in Pictures)

Evidence of fun.

Over the years it seems that more and more photos of RVs in a pristine state are appearing online. I thought I would take a stab at spotlighting, with the help of others, images that convey years and years of RV enjoyment. The more worn the better - the other end of the spectrum. They all tell a story.....a story I'd like to hear.

Starting with some photos I took - please add your own pictures!

Where the top canopy latch is rotated - sometimes it drags across the roll bar. You can see a slight depression along the top of the roll bar from years of taxiing with the canopy held open here. Vibrations and time...
RV-6 N617AR Tip up. Ten years of wear:

N617AR RV-6. Passenger side side rail - a few hundred hits with seat belt buckles:

Throttle quadrant area - paint rubbed off by wrist. Kay Frizzell RV-8A:

Pilot floorboard: Kay Frizzell RV-8A (I love this picture):

Fuselage - Kay Frizzell RV-8A:

doug reeves.
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