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Default Zerk Fitting

I noticed the zerk fitting in the tailwheel yoke. Have you found that greasing the yoke through the fitting is sufficient most of the time or do you have to disassemble it?

[ed. I usually disassemble it and grease it while it's all apart. To tell you the truth of never even tried to use that fitting. dr]

Originally Posted by DeltaRomeo View Post
May I present my tailwheel area, fresh after cleaning and greasing. Plane flying since 2002, and the area shows a nice patena where the tow bar dings into other stuff while I'm aiming at the to speak. There is some JD Air stuff in there, and I think the tailwheel is a Dayton Murdock creation. I beat the living cr@p out of this area, and it's always done me right.

I really like this airplane. dr

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