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Originally Posted by rvbuilder2002 View Post
9.2 Kinds of Operation:
9.2.1 Flight operations are limited to VMC (visual meteorological conditions).
9.2.2 Flight operations in IMC (instrument meteorological
conditions) are prohibited.

This doesn't prohibit training in simulated IFR, but the only legal way (as we currently understand it) to use an RV-12 for actual IFR is if it is built and certified as an E-AB (experimental amateur built), and properly equipped as required by FAR 91.205.
The operative term is "conditions."

Nobody is questioning the prohibition of operating under "IFR conditions."

The real question is, "under VFR conditions, can an LSA be operated on an IFR flight plan, if suitably equipped, to adhere to IFR clearances?

If the whole state of Oregon is VFR and forecasted to be that way all day, what regulation prevents an RV-12 operator from filing IFR, obtaining an IFR clearance and flying the said flight, under continuous VFR conditions, for the planned and filed route?
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