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Default Loss of control?

P, what clevis, the trim tab? Yea I don't like that plastic trim tab clevis either.

You mention uncontrollable plane? Is there an accident report or what. There are like 5,000 built and flown and we know they really fly wonderfully. Very few if any RV's have crashed due to the airframe failure. Some engine issues, sure, but as far as airframe structure and controls, I can't think of any. I have over 1000 hour in RV's. What RV are you flying P.

(I did a quick check and there have been a few control jams, this is one that is scary, ball point pen and jar under floor boards caused greif to this RV).

RV-8, June 05, 2005, NY, N61TW
The pilot/owner of the homebuilt airplane began the takeoff roll. At rotation, the airplane pulled “hard” to the left, and pitched up “more aggressively” than a standard takeoff. The pilot applied full down elevator, “but the nose would not come down.” The airplane then pitched nose down, the pilot applied full up elevator, and the airplane attained a level pitch attitude prior to ground contact. When asked about the performance and handling of the airplane, the pilot/owner said, “Everything was perfect with the engine.” He added that about the time of rotation, he felt a bump, and surmised that he had struck a runway light or that a wheel brake had locked. Examination of the airplane revealed an ink pen lodged beneath the rudder bar. As a result, more force was required for a right rudder input than a left rudder input. The pilot/owner said he routinely stored pens, unsecured, on the ledge next to his right knee. Further examination revealed a 50-ounce glass jar beneath the front seat, in close proximity to the forward control stick. The jar’s lid displayed indentations that the pilot said had not been there prior to the accident. He said the jar was kept in the airplane as a relief container, and that it was placed on a ledge, unsecured, prior to takeoff. report:
Raleigh, NC Area
RV-4, RV-7, ATP, CFII, MEI, 737/757/767

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