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Incidentally, if you want to speculate on ANYTHING it's interesting to note that the NTSB found a broken elevator trim clevis. I think they also found the trim motor at full extension (i.e. full up tab...full DOWN trim). It's not a stretch to think that plane was trimmed full down for whatever reason, the clevis broke and suddenly all that stick force that went into maintiaining level flight caused a massive pitch up and subsequent wing failure.

I don't know...I haven't read the NTSB report in almost 2 years and I'm much too lazy to look it up now, so maybe I have my accidents confused. Look it up and decide for yourself.

Anyhow, my guess is the answer to the question asked is "as light as possible and just barely strong enough to keep most pilots from killing themselves".

Remember....RV's are overengineered. There's a big difference between that and overbuilt. Overengineered implies redundancy in the design and tolerance for some sloppy work. That doesn't mean it's way stronger than it needs to means you can be a little off and still make it just as strong as it was designed to be. Big difference....
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