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Default Thanks!!!!

Just wanted to say thanks to Doug Reeves for creating this forum and to Dan Horton for reading this thread helping me in a big way yesterday. Dan flew down to KJKA yesterday morning with a new brake seal, fluid, pump, all the proper tools, and had me ready to launch in a matter of minutes. I made it back to my home strip at 11:45am, just enough time to pack my bags, dive through the shower, and make it to KBNA 50 minutes before my flight to Alaska.

I have been flying for 13 years. This is my first airplane and I have only owned if for a little less than 2 years. I am blown away by the quality of people surrounding aviation and especially this brand of airplane. Makes me want to be better, smarter, kinder. The whole aviation experience has given me a new vigor and zest for life. I see so much negative in the news, it does me good to see all this positive...

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