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Originally Posted by slngsht View Post
This safety wire solution is giving me pause. Dealing with same thing on my -7 build.

The wire doesn't really keep the nut locked. It does keep it from turning freely. Its other function is to keep the thread from completely backing out.

But let's say the nut does become slightly loose. The shaft is now somewhat free to rotate back and forth as you operate the flaps, right? When shaft turns in direction that backs thread out, tension in safety wire is what will stop it from continuing. That's the real purpose, right?

Wouldn't that work harden the wire?

Strange solution to this problem.
It is called safety wire for a reason. It is not put in place expecting it to do a job. It is there just in case it needs to do a job, and then hopefully only for a short time (Checking this is just one of the many things that should be part of a condition inspection......) If properly assembled and torqued, this rod end should never come loose, but since it is subject to rotation it is appropriate to safety it in some way.
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