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Originally Posted by Geico266 View Post
Now that is a panel. ^^^


Very Sweet!
Ditto. Scott will chime in, but on the left is a dual Chelton system, about $30k (+ or -, depends on when you ordered). Right is a dual GRT system, about $10k. Center is a (I think) PS8000, G430, SL40, GTX 327 or 330, TruTrak Digiflight II, around $18k. Oh, and the Gx96 on the glarescreen for $2k ;-) All together, that's ~60k. You could get a G1000 install for about $15k more and would have more integration but less redundancy.

There's a lot of redundancy there, most importantly different systems, although there are no steam gauges (personal preference). The Chelton has a fully integrated FMS and is legal for IFR GPS approaches if it has the proper GPS sensor. 430 is second NAV and COMM, SL40 is primary COMM (I like that interface better - Scott, which do you use as the primary)?

I like the position of the AP, although I'd like to see it even higher on the panel, close to the G430 - kind of depends on how much you use it. Bizjets and heavy iron have the AP controls on the glarescreen because they use them so much.

Very nice setup. To save $$, I might go with a SL30 + G496 panel mount instead of the G430 and a single screen Dynon or even steam gauges for backup. I'd love a 3-screen Chelton, but the cost of additional screens is HIGH when compared to GRT and others - about $10k vs $2.5k.

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