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Originally Posted by pa38112 View Post
You cant have the fairing tight or fixed at both ends. It should be attached at the base and the rest needs o float to accommodate the significant movement/flexing of the gear leg. Mine is attached at the base with a hose clamp and the rest just floats. I do not have a hinge pin.
Yep we have seen the same thing. I had put a fill of epoxy in the bend at the bottom curve on the gear leg to help hold it in place at the bend. In the first 15-20 hours that spot just above the fill started to crack. The bed radius moves a lot more than you would think. I removed the filler, fixed the crack and just put the hose clamp to hold the tab at the bottom. The top is free floating inside the upper fairing. No sing of a problem now that the gear leg can move freely inside the fairing. Hope this helps. Yours, R.E.A. III # 80888
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