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Originally Posted by Stoo View Post
Locknuts on pushrod and washer under cotter pin are missing.
Stewart Willoughby, 6 panel.
Interestingly the plans do not show a locknut on the pushrod end.

The aft two screws are too far aft. Perhaps one of the platenut rivet holes was used as the screw hole?

The location of the removable panel is a little inboard of standard and the trim tab horn is different, showing that this probably was a later modification to an early kit adding the trim removable panel.

Is it an early -6 model?

Added - Vans plans drawings are not really complete in this area. Does a normal kit buyer get these instructions from Ray Allen for the servo installation?

Yes, two washers and a lock nut are needed at the clevis end, however if the builder simply looked at Vans drawing 5PP I can see how those parts would get overlooked.

Yes the painter got carried away, but I saw a RV-10 done by a good shop that painted the baffle material attached to the lower cowl inlet. Painters like to paint everything.
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