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Default Quality of build / best practices

One of my friends that is a serious RV Flyer that wants a new RV instead of upgrading his RV sent me this photo of an RV he was looking at purchasing.

Click on Thumbnail to enlarge.

This one simple photo brings up lots of questions about the build quality of this aircraft.

Yes this one photo makes me question what will be found when looking at everything on this airplane especially stuff that I cannot see.

Had less than $1 USD been spent of three (3) additional parts used in assembly of this aircraft build, I would feel a lot better about what is going to be found looking over the rest of the aircraft. I would not expect to find something like this on an RV that is trying to be sold at very high price.

Seeing this one photo, I told the prospective buyer to run don't walk away from the airplane at the price the seller was asking.
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