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Originally Posted by BigJohn View Post
Well ****, that is disappointing. I thought I had a good selection of products all figured out that would satisfy all my objectives. Back to the drawing board I guess.

Iíd take a good look at the iFly 740 for the Portable GPS. Then the EchoUAT will feed weather and traffic to it and an iOS or Android app. EchoUAT is ForeFlight compatible and works with others like WingX, iFlyGPS, FlyQ, Avare, FltPlan Go, and many more. Maybe even just put an iPad Mini in an air gizmo dock.

Donít get me wrong, Garmin makes good products but you have to know they have a closed development strategy so youíll be tied to their pricey ecosystem. We have an open development strategy for echoUAT to work with most all apps and EFIS.

One option is to get our new SkyBeacon (Wingtip LED Nav light with ADS-B) for ADS-Out. Then get the Aera 660 and a used GDL 39. This would just not allow other app use outside of Garminís app.

We need to determine how set you are on staying with a Garmin portable GPS. If you are comfortable with it, stay with it. The last thing I was is for you to be uncomfortable with your Nav tools in flight. If you are open to other GPS or iPads, etc... then you can likely achieve the same and save some cost. Just trying to help if I can.
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