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Default N1119A Panel

Panel is in airplane - month 13 of slow build 9A.

All Garmin, full IFR panel with permanent IPAD dock in front of co-pilot.

Wings complete.
Empenage complete.
Fuselage complete.
Gear/fairings/wheel pants complete

I was holding off the front top deck to enable the avionics installation. Now that the avionics are in, and everything is working, I am going to put the front deck on, finish the windscreen and canopy, and then on to the engine.

This thing is starting to get very exciting!

Based on current progress, I plan to have the 9A out of the garage, at the hangar for final assembly in the fall. I am in the DC Metro Area. Hangars are expensive and hard to get. I have been on waiting lists for 3 years. The hanger is 40 minutes away, so I am kind of dreading the time when the project leaves the nest.

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