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Originally Posted by bkervaski View Post
Was reading about quick oil drains and figured I'd add something to this ... our painter (Evoke Aviation/Plane Schemer) thought us a great technique.

You will need several plastic folders:

Use these folders with some masking tape to create shaped templates for the various areas that may touch such as the cowl to spinner area.

These folders will not scratch your paint and provide a slick surface to work with.

The only other procedural thing they thought us is to pull the bottom canopy sides a bit and allow them to go past the fuselage on the sides. This lets you get a better angle. Use masking tape and/or folders on the fuse here to make sure you don't scratch anything.

These folders are also great for installing and removing the intersection fairings.
I have used similar technic for years with great success. I used a large sheet of paper, cut to size and shape for the spinner area and had it laminated for less than a dollar at local OfficeMax. I now have another sheet that protects the gear leg fairing. For the sides of the fuse, I use a 2" wide plumber tape.
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