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Originally Posted by mcoyne34 View Post
Iím sure itís been asked thousand times already, is there a noticeable difference between the two? Is it true that the 8A has a weak nose gear, and something I should be concerned about?

I was leaning towards the -8 until I got insurance quotes. At $1200/yr more for the tailwheel, it got me thinking about the 8A.
All the A model RVs have a front TAXI wheel that I would not call a nose gear. Fly the airplane correctly where the front wheel is only used as a taxi wheel and there is no problem.

Originally Posted by N661DJ View Post
Get some other quotes, an additional $1200. because of the tail wheel sounds excessive. My tailwheel 8 policy is slightly higher than what I paid for coverage on a previously owned 8A, everything else being equal.
My tailwheel RV policy is less than $300 for $1-Million liability only policy. Not sure my over 3,000 hours in tailwheel aircraft has to do with that.
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