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Default Megasquirt II Fuel Injection

I'm using a do it yourself fuel injection computer called Megasquirt II . I purchased it as a kit and then soldered all the compnets to a circuit board provided in the kit and then down loaded the driver software from their web site and then programed it to suit my motor.
The Megasquirt II also controls the ignition timing which is all adjustable by the user.
This system is very adjustable for manifolds pressures, rpm, spark advance, etc.
When I fly there is nothing to do but fly, the manifold pressure sensor adjust the volume of fuel as the manifold pressure changes. There for it is great for turbo charging.
Do not think that I'm some sort of brainy dude, I had to learn all this by reading all about it and carefully reading the directions that are on the Megasquirt site. I started out by knowing nothing just like when I started building my aircraft, in fact the Rep. at Van's sugested that I get some builders assistance because I did not even know what a cleco was. I never did get assistance, I learned by reading Van's directions in their builders manual and by looking at other builders wed sites..
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