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Originally Posted by RV3bpilot View Post
I had to make my own motor mount and a lot of other stuff to make it fit.
It is direct drive per my homemade parts. The drive hub has a bearing as same as a Lycoming for stability of the prop. and it has a thrust bearing to keep the prop from pulling on the crank.
It is a Catto prop. 66" long 60" pitch counter rotation. It was damaged on my second forced landing so I repaired it using vacuum bagging process and it is working great.
So far I have 112.2 hours on it.
Here are a few pictures of the installation of the motor. Yes it has fuel injection too.
I use Mobil one synthetic oil in it 10-30wt.
The crankshaft is made by Corvair Specialties, it is 4340 steel billet that have been line-bored, undercut pendulums, knife- edge machined, and partially drilled rod journals, all to keep the weight down to a mere 2oz. heavier than the original crankshaft. The crankshafts have also been heat treated, shot peened, nitrided, and micro-polished.
First, very nicely done!
Question: Did you consider the 5th bearing mod from Dan Weseman at Panther SPA and/or attend any of William Wynne's Corvair U forums before developing your engine?


PS:My own auto engine adventure included flying my VW powered Sonerai for over a year, enjoying every second.

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