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Thanks to a skilled builder, Tom Delaney, another completion. With his able assistance the project took us 14 hours only because of me tromping around. But as they say time flys when you are having fun.

All tips in this thread were useful. We stacked some boxes and cushions on two HF rolling carts and lashed the HS down to work on it, turned it over and same. Then slid it back into place and one person pushed up a 1/2 inch and forward, and the other used a modified/tapered bolt to align the hole and pulled it out with the other guy holding it up from below and the bolt with a little jiggle went in easily on both sides. Only knocked one washer loose but used a washer wrench on it rather than start over glueing..saw evidence where previous owners used some kind of thin looking masking tape to afix the washers. I think the idea is to push the bolts through the taped washers and leave it lay. I guess it worked and so did the super glue unless they get knocked around during reassembly/alignment. Then again maybe the tape would take a knocking better? Not sure.

Other than lucking out with a skilled assistant and this great web site with all the tips, I can’t image anything to add except ENJOY this little confidence building project.

V/r Doug

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