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Bob: Thanks so much for checking in---I greatly appreciate your input. I just came back from a quick test flight wherein I queued up a flight, including an approach, to a nearby airfield. I did not xfer the fpl over to the 5600 (on purpose). I took off and then shut down the 5600 (wanted engine info for t/o). My autopilot is a Gemini (not one of the ones the manual for the 5600 says is supported). The 530 would not drive the Gemini; indeed, it would not go to GPSS mode at all. Suggests to me that we wired the 530 ARINC output directly to the 5600 as I understood we thought we were supposed to. I don't know if I have RS 232 data also---I will check.

I then turned on the 5600 and transferred the same 530 fpl to it. The 5600 FPL page displayed the entire 530 flight plan including the approach. Up until then, I had never been able to get any FPL page to be drawn graphically though, even though (I believe) I tried every possible combination of button sequencing. I had never, however, turned on the AP controller (since I understood the Gemini is not supported via the 5600 AP controller). The 5600 will drive the Gemini just fine (using the controls on the Gemini itself) on "direct" flights generated in the 5600 itself (not transferred over). Anyway, something I pushed after bringing up the 5600 internal AP controller suddenly generated a beautiful graphic display of my entire flight plan. However (wouldn't you know), the autopilot would not track it. Still don't know if I'm supposed to control the Gemini from its control knob or from the AP controller in the 5600. Whatever it is and whatever the buttonology, today wasn't the day.

If any of this helps, please let me know what you think!

Lee Logan
Ridgeland, SC (3J1)
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