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Originally Posted by M McGraw View Post
This will be an unpopular opinion, but I offer it with data from owning several airplanes. When my factory new Lycoming IO-390 arrived with the Skytec starter you have I was disappointed. I had used that starter on a few airplanes with many problems. I was well aware of what Skytec would say when I called. They want you to check the voltage under load at the starter. I did all those checks before even calling, my numbers were within the tolerance they require on their website before I called. When I described my starting issues they simply increased the required voltage at the starter above the value on their website and told me to look at my wiring, again.

After owning multiple airplane with that issue I refused. They exchanged the starter you have at a horrible used value and I purchased a Skytec 149NL. It will fit without modification to your airplane. The 149NL documentation will even include instructions on how to grind down unused mounting lugs to make it fit.

My airplane ALWAYS starts easily since I discarded that starter. You can spend a lot of effort looking at your wiring or you can resolve the problem in one day.
Gotta agree with Marvin, if it has the "light weight" permanent magnet starter do yourself a favor and get a good wire wound unit like the B&C or NL.
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