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Originally Posted by snopercod View Post
I've flown with both a 3-blade Catto and a 2-blade Aymar-Deumth (also Great American). The vibration was much less with the 3-blade, but the takeoff performance was wimpy. Since I ordered a "cruise" prop, that was probably my fault. All I know is that I was only getting 2300 RPM on takeoff and it took me 4,000' to break ground on a hot day in Denver. The big difference was the glide performance. At best glide speed my rate of descent was 1,800 fpm with the 3-blade Catto and only 200 fpm with the two blade. I have video for the non-believers.
Thanks for sharing that is fascinating.

What was the diameter of the 2 blade and 3 blade props?
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