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Originally Posted by NewbRVator View Post
Any idea when/if Garmin will release a Nav/Com/ ADSB box.

I just added a GNX375 and love it. I have access to another plane in need of upgrade and there’s minimal panel real estate and it needs com as well. Anyways thanks Garmin the GNX375 is awesome
Hello NewbRVator,

Glad to hear you like your GNX 375!

As you know the GNX 375 (10.85") and GNC 355 (11.23") are larger (longer) than the GPS 175 (6.58"), so adding additional functionality isn't without some penalty.

There is also the practicality of using a 2" vertical display to view/control more than 2 devices.

While we can't comment on products which may or may not be in development, it is safe to say that these dual-device units are probably optimum for the 2" series.
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