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Originally Posted by Ironflight View Post
VSI reads in the correct direction, but calibration is unknown. Airspeed indicator and altimeter appear to be reasonable.
Just an FYI on Instruments:

Altimeter: Repaired and meets IFR specs to 14K ft. (we wouldn't want our test pilot to get busted in the DFW class B airspace now would we)
Airspeed: Instrument "bench" tested and found accurate to within about 5mph to 150mph
VSI is "placarded" inop, it responds slowly but is not reliable.

Tach - ??? (I’ll see if I can find an handheld optical tach to check it against in flight)
Oil pres gauge checked and found accurate within 5 psi.

The aircraft has no static system and instruments are simply vented to cabin air so this may effect accuracy

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