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Originally Posted by jnmeade View Post
I have been told it's not good to turn over the prop of Continental and Lycoming engines by hand because you just dry scrape the cylindar walls without doing any good - better to get the pump turning fast and get some oil moving.

I'm not inclined to think turning the Rotax over by hand lubes anything. It would be good to hear some definitive info on that question.
I don't get even close to a prop on a Lyc. or Cont. The 912 is a different animal entirely. She doesn't have magnetos so hand propping probably won't kill you.

You can see oil pressure on the gauge when you prop it by hand so oil must be moving through the bearings. I don't know about dry scraping the cylinder walls, but Rotax recommends burping the engine to check oil so their engineers are OK with turning it by hand.
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