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Originally Posted by Robin8er View Post
Is there any paint that can be applied without primer or clear coat that looks good and holds up well? Is that a thing?
Google polysiloxane paint. Different chemistry than polyurethanes and acrylics, higher bond energy so weathers much better than polyurethane. Used for boats and bridges. I'm testing the PSX700 system from PPG with various pigments, will report what I find. Don't know about weight yet (3 mil coat recommended), but it thins readily with Xylene and levels beautifully.

Pluses: very tough, goes onto bare metal, can be recoated with itself without sanding many years later, low VOCs and low toxicity (no isocyanates).
Minus: no other paint will stick to it--once applied you're committed to that resin.

I emailed stewart systems and they basically said their ekocrylic paint fits that description, but without their primer it would be susceptible to corrosion because their paint has no corrosion inhibitors in it. I've already epoxy primed all internal parts with Sherwin William aerospace epoxy, so I'm not too concerned about corrosion.
Epoxy makes bad exterior paint in my hands: doesn't level well and needs to be shielded from UV with a topcoat--heavy.
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