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Default SDS Digital Fuel Flow Accuracy

Some more feedback from Dave today showing the accuracy of our optional FF software. We generate a pulse train from the ECU to feed the engine monitor so no Red Cubes are required.

"Just wanted to let you know that the speed we did in the race was while burning 14.5 gph, confirmed by the max FF indication I was getting when using the SDS fuel signal was within 0.1gph and confirmed by the fuel added at the pump at the pit stop, so at that flow, the FF was accurate to within .227 gals of all the 32 gals in my tanks. During those conditions my engine was producing about 194 real hp at 2830 rpm. Also during the race I burned the left tank out until I saw the fuel pressure fluctuate 2-3 lbs off of max pressure then changed the selector to the tanks without even a hesitation in the engine operation.

hp = 14.5 gph x 5.9 lbs/gal / 0.44 bsfc"

Ross Farnham, Calgary, Alberta
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