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The thieves will eventually go where we all mostly trust each other. When our guard is down thinking we all know the community. This is where we need to stop and take a second look. I have never had a problem here buying and selling some items but they were never big dollar stuff. But I always think back to the old Ebay days when most sellers would ship an item to the buyer before getting paid and it was pretty safe and honest. Then after the scammers got wind of the trusting Ebay community it was a free for all for the thieves. The feedback on Ebay outed the scammers, sadly after the fact, but it helped the buyers.... But ruined Ebay. One of the more scammed items being listed were Garmin 530's for real cheap prices. They were removed hours after listing but there were many listed or a long time. This was before paypal protection. I hope this community can weed out the thieves before it ruins the site.