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Originally Posted by flyingriki View Post
I too have had excellent luck here with buying and selling, with a couple exceptions. One guy recently was a little squirrely and insisted on cashing the check before shipping. Didn't accept PayPal and never mentioned his little quirk until after I mailed a check., not cool. And one famous guy here sold me a component that, when I installed it years later after it sat, unopened, in my closet for two years, didn't work. He eventually paid half the repair and thought he was being generous. You'll love his excuse.... 2 years have past and any warranty would have expired by now... If I outed him I'd be blacklisted so it won't happen.
ALL the people that bought the intake gaskets were fabulous! Didn't make a nickel in the end but was able to repay a few folks that have been very helpful over the years so the time and effort were well worth it. All paid on time and often more than necessary, THANK YOU!
I purchased three sets and they are working just great..... Thanks again.
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