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Originally Posted by RFSchaller View Post
I don’t know if this simple test would even apply, but I remember the instructor at the ROTAX course talking about a dark test. You remove the cowling in a dark area of the airport at night and run the engine while an observer looks for any sign of arcing from the ignition leads or connectors. Might not turn up anything, but it’s easy and you might get lucky.
That works, sometimes. Putting your hand on the outside of spark plug wires on cars (which don't have a prop that can chop you up) and seeing which wire zapped you is how we did it in Auto shop in high school.

Really can't recommend that with a prop whirling around so close by, in the dark.

There is a higher tendency to blow the sparks out of spark plug and misfire from engine fueling rates and have misfires at higher rpms/ higher loads, if the problem is electrical.

Location of spark plugs on top or on bottom of cylinder head, in conjunction with the carbs running richer at lower rpms, which is where your misses are showing

up, would lead me to believe the problems is in the Carb adjustments or the floats again, and not an electrical problem.

Pull your floats again and weigh them, see what you get, since you put in a spare set of dried out sinker floats, last time.

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