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Default Big Un's...

Originally Posted by BruceEicher View Post
Thanks Smokey! I'll let you know how it works, or watch for me in the news!
Good call Bruce!
I am certain you will be glad you made the swap. I have found after 10 years of "use and abuse" that the 380's way outperform the 500X5's on my (former) Rocket and my (current) RVX.
Steve Sampson introduced me to them while he was building his RV4 masterpiece "G-IKON" and I haven't even considered going back to the 500's since.*


*Side note: Landings on soft turf, mud and gravel are vastly improved by the 380's however, handling on pavement is also superior. BTW, I have found 30 PSI to work well on most surfaces.

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