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Originally Posted by steveb View Post
Sensenich beefed up the original "big hole" hub cover style in the trouble area so that they would still be compatible with revision D and older hubs, thus allowing use of the original pitch cylinder for setting blade angle.
Of course, you can always use a protractor if you want and not use the pitch cylinder.

Our hub vendor has a 3-4 month lead time, so Sensenich geared up production of revision "D1" replacements in-house, with deliveries planned to begin in early September.

While revision "E" and later hub covers will fit on older hubs, the blade pitch pins won't line up, so you have to use a protractor for setting blade angles.

We can supply revision "F" hub covers upon customer request, but note that these will not be available until later in the Fall after delivery of all current orders for revision "D1" covers.
Sensenich plans to begin in-house production of revision "F" hubs in the mid to late 4th quarter of 2018.

steve from Sensenich
Wow!! I am ecstatically excited to hear that the "F" hub will be offered. Since I have no cracks now, I am good with waiting for an "F" hub. This is the best news of the day. Your logic does make sense in offering the D1 hub, and many will opt for it in order to retain the pitch cylinder functionality. I am glad to hear that you are offering us a choice. Thanks..................Tom
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