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Originally Posted by Canadian_JOY View Post
Dumb question, full of "what if's"... Keep in mind I burn a fair bit of 91 octane premium mogas (zero ethanol).

For engines like our O-360 where a 4-into-1 Cessna-style muffled exhaust is installed (with the goal of harvesting maximum cabin heat), where would a WB O2 sensor be installed? It would seem the only logical location for a summative measurement would be in the final exhaust stack, downstream from the muffler, but this is a long way from the exhaust ports on the cylinders. Just wondering, simply because when my one magneto bites the dust I'll likely end up with an SDS system of some sort replacing it.
The O2 sensor needs to be at least 12 inches from atmosphere to avoid contamination from flow reversion between exhaust pulses. Hopefully that could be accomplished with your setup.

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