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Default Skytec Starter solenoid jumper wiring

I bought a new Skytec Starter from Vans for my 360 -7a. It has been wired via the "experimental" diagram that came with the starter. This uses the solenoid built into the starter,10 Gauge wire, and the main solenoid wire that I have driven through a 30amp automotive type relay.

The main power wire to the starter itself is 6 gauge wire and a 250amp fuse coming from my battery on the firewall.

Skytec's diagram:

Every other start or so, I must push my starter button 2-3 times to get the starter solenoid to engage. Some basic troubleshooting shows a drop to 9.8 volts or so at the solenoid with it engaged. Surprising to me since #10 wire should be more than adequate for this 20 amp application.

Battery and main connections in the aircraft are well maintained and once the solenoid engages, cranks the engine rapidly.

Before you give me a hard time for not just wiring it like a normal starter, Curious if anybody else has had success with this method.

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