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Originally Posted by Norcalrv7 View Post
Sure is... My airplane turned out quite tailheavy. After removing the Subaru. I moved everything as far forward as I could, and added a prop spacer, but was still looking at exceeding the aft limit with 2 passengers and bags. I decided to add a 3rd standby battery on a switch to my critical bus instead of adding lead. Not sure why my airplane is so tailheavy. I'm guessing a combination of the lightweight 360(no mags, carb, or accessories) and the fact that my plane was painted clearcoat.... And lots of it by the original builder.

I don't claim to be an authority on the -7A, but a 360, a Hartzel on a spacer and 3 batteries on the firewall... That just doesn't pass the giggle test.

Are you confident in the W&B? Maybe some other -7 owners can jump in and set me straight, but without a smoking gun driving weight in the tail, it seems more likely that its a simple math error.

Not being critical, just seems like a red flag.
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