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Well, after what I thought was a corrected ELT, this happened again tonight.

From the last time it happened, ACK replaced the transmitter part of our unit since it was still under warranty, and they said they found an "issue" with it, they also told us to have our A&P rewire everything....which we did and he rewired the whole ELT system exactly to ACK's specs.

Fast forward a few weeks until tonight. I get a call from the air force asking me if my aircraft is safe. I told him unless it decided to go on a night flight by itself, it should be safe and sound on the ramp. I had to trek out to the airport and disarm the stupid thing again, and pull the control panel so it wouldn't go off.

So, since it had been triggered for about 2 hours, I have to purchase yet another stupid battery (two batteries in under 45 days now), and see why this crappy ELT keeps triggering.

I am SERIOUSLY thinking there is some flaw with these ACK units.
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