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Default ACK E-04 ELT has triggered 3 times while stationary.

We finished our 3rd RV build this last November and in the past 5 months our ACK ELT-04 406mhz has gone off 3 times in our hangar while stationary.
I've received calls from SAR and I've called ACK technologies to find an answer. They said they haven't received complaints of this nature and to send it in if I want them to look at it. I've rechecked the installation, batteries and static suppressor near the antenna. I've installed ELT's in the past 4 airplanes we've built, this is the first with a GPS input.

Tonight I was dusting off our airplane with a "California duster" dusting mop and my ELT went off AGAIN! I noticed static build up while dusting.

Has this happened to anyone else?
Thanks for any input on this.
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