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Good to hear on the 'startup' issue.

BTW, is this a separate app from the original subject of this thread (A-EFIS)? If so, maybe a new thread would be in order, to minimize confusion.

On to comments and more questions....

When I first loaded it on my phone, I still had a couple of red X's on the display. Finally figured out that if you're not moving, it thinks (knows?) something isn't right. :-)

What would you consider to be a 'comfortable' level of processing power & gyro/accelerometer quality for smooth, reliable operation? Component ID's are fine, but brand/model of phone or tablet would be even better for the lazy (me) among us. Would a 1st gen Nexus7 be adequate? 2013 version? What about some of the phones that are a few years old, like the Galaxy S4 or similar?


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