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Originally Posted by tireguy View Post
GRT says $1800.00 per screen for upgrade to HX.. I have two 6.5 screens.
I’ve gone back and forth on spending the money..
In reality, this is a hobby we fund with disposable income. I can’t think of one good reason to justify this expense, except... It gives me immense joy!!!

When your dead.. your gonna be dead for ALONG TIME.. Depending on your religious view.. And with that thought..
The **** with it! I worked hard all my life. NEW SCREENS IT IS!!
It just makes me happy!

I’ll have to call again, I was told $2300 back in the summer. maybe they lowered the price? Or maybe they are like the FAA, keep asking until you get an answer you like...

**Edit** I just looked on the GRT website, you are right, $1800 ea.
Tim Andres

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