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Just got off the phone with Jake and we're going to try and make this happen. Here's my tentative plan...

I'm heading out to Reno to pick up my airplane on the 17th, and am going to fly down to CA to meet Jake and pick up the pup. From there I'll fly back up to the Reno area and spend the night with some friends. Then Dakota and I will launch pre-dawn to land in the Salt Lake City area to top off at sunrise, and make the high long push over the continental divide and stop for gas in Nebraska or east Wyoming.

From there the last leg of the day will be into Iowa/Illinois area. If there is someone that can offer a hangar to over night in we would be much obliged, then on the 19th we'll launch early for the last leg to Trenton NJ.

If there is someone that would like to pick up Dakota in Trenton for the leg to Virginia (or anywhere before that) I can meet you.

Right now the plan is tentative and will be fluid with weather and locations.

Thanks all in advance!!!
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