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Smile Loops 101 Thanks

Hi guys,
Thanks for the responses.
Special thanks goes to to gmcjetpilot for providing the blow by blow progression of the maneuver.
Because I do not have a death wish, I'm on the hunt for an instructor in my area. To date my greatest weakness is the fact that I ave not performed a single spin in either of the two aircraft I ave owned. Primarily because the Cessna 150 was not spin certified and I'm unclear as to the rules regarding spins in RV's.

I fly a lot (100 hrs in the last four months) have a g meter and have done steep turns to the tune of 3.3 G's. I'm aware of not being within 4 nautical miles of an airway, staying clear of congested areas and doing clearing turns.

Lastly, as an aside, I spent the last couple of days in mainland China. No gmail, no internet to speak of. Interestingly enough, I was able to pick up CNN. The point of all this is we truly are a free country!
Ron Lem
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