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One more thing about loops. When I was getting some dual in a RV-4, we did a loop and I was told to try and get a stall buffet and recover at the top of the loop....

So inverted I increased back pressure and felt the buffet. I released the back pressure and the plane recovered, buffeting stopped immediately. The point, RV is pretty docile and will give you warning, and it fly's the same upside down as right side up.

The other point as was made above, just don't yank it back and hold on for it to come back around. You actually FLY the plane through the loop. That is why I mentioned LOOKING OUT THE CANOPY. You need to have situational awareness. Know about what airspeed, attitude and G's you should have at each part of the loop....

To do a loop by just pulling back and not adjusting your flight path (stick pressure) is like driving a race car at full speed into a turn and turning the wheel, holding that constant, closing your eyes and opening them when you think you are about to come out of the turn.... It might work out... might not.
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