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I love my washer wrenches; I have the Avery set - now sold by Cleaveland Tools - itís a great purchase. The problem is that on the HS, itís a real pain to do unless you have other folks to help hold ends of the HS. Also, itís pretty cramped to reach straight in for the outboard washers. By gluing them in place, itís a much easier installation and really not much effort. And with them glued in place, Iíve installed the HS by myself.

While bearing grease is great for holding washers in place while stacking parts, it wonít hold very well with a tight fit that will place shear forces on the washer. I prefer to glue the things in place solidly. In reality, these washers are spacers for this application with no relative motion to the bearing faces that they are tightened against, and will likely outlast the airframe.

Itís a pretty simple task to just put some washers on a bolt for alignment in place, then use a toothpick to put a little glue - choose your favorite (epoxy, super spray, super glue, whatever) and just dab it around the edges of the washer being careful not to get it on the washer face or contacting the bolt.

Then when the glue is set, you can just pull the bolt out and your washers are ready for install.
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