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Default Flaps Positioning System for RV-7 -- full extension?

Hi RV-7 gurus,

I am trying to upgrade my RV-7 to have a flaps controller so that I can have three-position auto-extend and no longer have to look as long out the canopy while holding the switch. I've narrowed the choices down to the one from Vans and the one from TCW:

My inclination is to go with the one from Vans as it's slightly less expensive and factory endorsed, but my A&P was saying something about the Vans FPS not being able to fully extend on an RV-7. I'd like to get full 40 degrees flaps. The Vans web page also says "(degrees of travel varies with aircraft type)" which has me a little worried.

Can anyone else with experience with the Vans FPS on an RV-7 confirm or deny whether full extension is possible with this controller. Vans support staff is unavailable due to Oshkosh and I'm hoping to order this today.

Thanks in advance,
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