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I have a few pages of pics on EAA326's chapter webpage. You can access it thru the link in my signature. It's more pictorial than technical.
My RV-8 was built with an auto conversion. A turbocharged Mazda rotary engine. So those curious about alternative engines might find it useful.
I flew it 16 hours but only enjoyed the experience for a few minutes, although I did enjoy building it. I plan to mount the complete Mazda power egg on a 'Snowplane' aka 'Aerosled', or an Airboat.
I'm posting the RV8 conversion to Lycoming power now.
Scott Emery
EAA 668340, chapter 326 & IAC chapter 67
RV-8 N89SE first flight 12/26/2013
Yak55M, and the wife has an RV-4
There is nothing-absolute nothing-half so much worth doing as simply messing around with Aeroplanes
(with apologies to Ratty)
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