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Hi Mike,

thank you for the quick reply!
Of course a system build for this purpose would be best. I just don´t know one yet.
I would need an engine -generator combo with at least 70 kw (~100hp) contious output to stay in the air and on top very slowy recharge the accumulators. e.g. Electric motor with 120kw at 10 minutes Take Off and Climb means 20 kWh of energy. 10 minutes generator at 70kw means 11kwh so after climb i would be 9kwh away from full. If an RV 7 stays during cruise in the air with 90hp (~55% of 160hp) it would take approximately 2hrs to recharge, which perfectly fits to my mission profile. Taking into consideration the losses for controller, charger, motor, heat and so on, 75kW continous would be more suitable and inverted capability would be perfect but not absolutely needed as the 15min aerobatics could be done pure electric.

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