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Default Weight Change Question

Gil, thanks for the comment. That is exactly my thought. I think we did proper weighings in 1999 and yesterday.

I have not done a detailed accounting. Some factors:
- The added right side brakes and Van's map box.
- Added mounts behind baggage area for ADAHRS, compass for the D-6.
- The ADS-B receiver, antenna and wiring - also behind baggage area.
- Added metal in the panel. It is the original panel plus perhaps a 70% overlay along bottom and entire mid portion.
- There is a lot of new wiring with the computer network system, a hub, etc.
- Back-up batteries for the Skyview and D-6 add something.
- I changed from metal to fiberglass gear leg fairings years ago and did not re-do W&B at the time, so maybe the plane was a bit heavier than I thought.

All that said, I was expecting perhaps another 10 pounds of reduction. Not a big deal but annoying. It is still a "heavy" RV6 - 1,092 pounds with 180 and constant speed. A few pounds one way or the other is not going to change that.
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