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Default My RV6 Panel Update

I'm nearing completion of a panel upgrade on my RV6 and thought I would share it here. I finished the RV6 in 1999. I fly some IFR, but with very conservative limits.

This first picture is "before" this upgrade - KX155, KX125, enroute IFR GX55, Pictorial Pilot plus Al Trac, Tetra II CHT/EGT plus lots of gauges.

This next picture is the updated panel. Key elements are Skyview, Dynon D-6 backup EFIS, Dynon Com, GTN650 GPS/Nav/Com, Dynon Transponder and ADSB. I'm handling the audio through the Dynon intercom plus a couple of switches. So far this seems to work well. You will see that I moved the engine controls to the main panel and added a map (oops - now a lunch) box. I also added brakes to the co-pilot side and switched to a lithium based battery. There are no changes to the electronics busses or switches. I may add an IPad mount on the right side.

Motivation for the project was an RV12 I finished in 2012. I liked the Skyview and ADSB in the RV12 so much that I decided to update the RV6.

I am just getting it together - have done an engine run and weighed it. Still need to calibrate the fuel gauges and remote compasses and trouble shoot the fuel flow set-up which did not seem to work on the first engine run. So far everything else seems to be working. Weight came down 13 pounds, mostly due to the battery change.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it does in the air.
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